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Bonnie Bombs And Soap Bars

Toilet Fizzers x 9 - EUCALYPTUS

Toilet Fizzers x 9 - EUCALYPTUS

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Eucalyptus TOILET FIZZERS by Bonnie Bombs And Soap Bars

Our Toilet Bombs in eucalyptus Scent are a natural and effective solution for cleaning your toilet. These amazing bombs fizz away to naturally and effectively clean your toilet without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals.

Our toilet cleaner not only deodorizes, but also disinfects your toilet bowl using natural minerals and essential oils. We are proud to say that our customers love them - not only for their amazing scent, but also for their effectiveness. They have become a staple in both of our bathrooms.

Try our Toilet Bombs in eucalyptus Scent today and experience the power of natural cleaning for yourself.

Our Toilet Bombs are available in a convenient set of 9. We offer a variety of scents, including lemon and many more.

In addition to their use in toilets, our Toilet Bombs are also highly effective for cleaning drains in sinks, showers, and baths. This is particularly beneficial if you use natural soap bars, as they help eliminate suds and residue from your drains.

To use our natural Toilet Bombs, simply drop one into your toilet and allow it to fizz in the water. This will effectively clean your toilet below the waterline. For added cleanliness, use a toilet brush to scrub the entire bowl.

Experience the power of our Toilet Bombs for a thoroughly clean and fresh bathroom.

Please ensure that you do not mix these eucalyptus Toilet Bombs with any other cleaners. It is crucial to keep them out of reach of children and animals. The ingredients used in these Toilet Bombs include Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Aqua, and eucalyptus oil. They do not contain any coloring.

Caution: This product may cause allergic skin reactions and serious eye irritation. It is harmful to aquatic life if added directly to a pond or river. Keep it away from children. If the product comes into contact with your skin, wash it off with plenty of soap and water. In case of eye contact, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes and remove contact lenses if possible. If skin irritation or rash occurs, seek medical advice. If eye irritation persists, seek medical attention. Dispose of the product and its container at an approved disposal site in accordance with local regulations.

The best invention yet! Introducing plastic-free packaging for your convenience. Say goodbye to wasting time scrubbing the toilet. This innovative solution saves you time and effort. However, it is important to take precautions and keep the product away from children, as well as avoid contact with eyes and skin irritants. Each 9 pack weighs approximately 250g.

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