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Pet Planner - Digital Version

Pet Planner - Digital Version

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Stay organised with your pet(s) with this digital Pet Planner.

The Pet Planner is the perfect way to track all your pets needs in one convenient place.

Digital planners are primarily tailored for use on iPads and tablets. Here is a list of popular apps used for digital planners:

1. GoodNotes
2. Notability
3. OneNote
4. Xodo
5. Noteshelf
6. Samsung Notes

These apps vary in features and compatibility with different devices, so it’s a good idea to explore them to find the one that best suits your needs.

Here are some features for a digital planner:

1. Text: Add text boxes to type in notes, tasks, or other information directly onto your planner pages.

2. Drawing: Use a variety of drawing tools, like pens and brushes, to sketch, doodle, or highlight important elements in your planner.

3. Shapes: Insert shapes like circles, squares, or arrows to annotate or organize your planner pages.

4. Highlighting: Highlight important text or sections in your planner for emphasis or to mark them as completed.

5. Images: Insert images or photos into your planner for reference or to add visual interest.

6. Audio Recording: Record audio notes or memos directly into your planner for a multimedia approach to planning.

These features can help make your digital planner more versatile and functional for your planning needs. 

Pages included are as follows ⬇️

💚 Pet Profile -  Includes name, weight, colour, chip details and more, there’s even a space to pop a photo of your pet(s)  (2 pages for upto 8 pet profiles)

💚 Vet Details And Appointments - Vet name, address and phone, including emergency phone and address (2 pages)

💚 Insurance Information - includes insurance company name, policy type, policy number, phone number, renewal date/cost and a notes section (2 pages) 

💚 Vaccinations

💚 Flea/Worming Treatment

💚 Pet Medication Schedule (2 pages)

💚 Pet Health Tracker - a place to log any health concerns you’re monitoring 

💚 Allergies/Dietary Requirements 

💚 Groomer Information and Appointments (2 sheets) 

💚 Additional Appointments - this could be used for things like hydro or any appointments with your pet

💚 Additional Contacts - Includes in case of emergency contacts, pet sitter contacts and dog walker contacts 

💚 Daily Pet Planner - Includes ‘Today’s Schedule section’ with timed segments where meds could be recorded. Meals section, to do list, training and notes (as this is a daily page you may want to use, you can simply delete text if you need a clean page the following day)

💚 Notes/Reminders

💚 Shopping List - includes space for food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, healthcare, travel and ‘other’

**As the planner is digital you can delete any text if you need to. Or if you fill all pages you can simply upload a fresh copy

Please note - Digital planners work best on iPads and tablets with apps like GoodNotes, Notability and others listed above.  They are not made for laptops or phones (due to the size disparity on a phone) if you want to use your planner on your laptop, you can use it in Xodo for example. However, keep in mind, the experience might be different from using it on a tablet or iPad

***Please be aware this is not a physical product. Following your purchase the pdf will be emailed to you ready to upload to the note taking app of your choice. (Please check your junk folder if you can’t see it in your emails) 







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