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Gizzls Peanut Butter And Mint Dog Treats 200g

Gizzls Peanut Butter And Mint Dog Treats 200g

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Designed for dogs and owners who love getting up-close and personal. Say goodbye to stinky doggy breath and hello to minty-fresh cuddles!

šŸ’š Goodbye stinky doggy breath ā€“ Packed with creamy peanut butter and zingy mint for clean, fresh breath.

šŸŒ± 100% Natural ā€“ No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

šŸŖ Hypoallergenic ā€“ No grains, gluten, dairy or soy.


šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ³ INGREDIENTS:
Organic peanut butter, coconut flour, flax flour, butternut, fresh mint, turmeric and rosemary extract

Always supervise your dog with any treats and ensure fresh drinking water is available.

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