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Eco Green Living

Compostable Resealable Bags Large - 2.5 Litre (15 bags)

Compostable Resealable Bags Large - 2.5 Litre (15 bags)

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Compostable Large Resealable Bags from Eco Green Living
2.5 Litre (15 bags in total)

Bag measures 25 x 25 cm

Fridge and Freezer Safe! 🧊❄️

Resealable bags are always useful to have around! Whether its for buttons, chopped up fruit and veg or for tidying away random cables in THAT messy drawer! Eco Green Living resealable bags are just like you know them- but compostable!

🌍Third party certified and 100% industrial compostable.
🌍The bags are also suitable for home composting, minus the zipper part. (Please cut the top off before using in your home composting system.
🌍Our Compostable resealable bags will start to decompose within 8 to 12 weeks
🌍No harmful microplastics or plastic residue is left behind
🌍Completely earth-friendly and environmentally friendly
🌍Made from non-edible organic materials - nothing is wasted
🌍Packaged in a recycled and recyclable box for shipment


Compostable corn starch
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