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Milly Green

Debonair Dogs To Do List

Debonair Dogs To Do List

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You'll always keep on top of your tasks with this To Do List made of recycled paper.

Here at Milly Green, we strive to create really useful products that not only consider and minimize environmental impact but also support sustainable initiatives and organizations that give back to our amazing planet through our partner 1% for the Planet.

Did you know? Each tonne of recycled paper will save: * 17 trees * 140 liters of oil * 3 cubic meters of landfill space * 4000 KW of energy * 32,000 liters of water.

Our popular eco-friendly Debonair Dogs design features charming illustrations of all breeds of dogs, each with the breed name printed alongside their portrait. The cute canines are each hand-painted in a soft watercolor style on a pale background of doggie bones and they're sitting amongst bowls and tennis balls.

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