Sparkles Dog Collar

Sparkles Dog Collar

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Gorgeous sparkles fleece flat buckle collar by Snuggle Pets And Co.

The collar is available in an array of fleece colours with black webbing and faux sparkle detailing.

Fastens with a silver buckle.

Sizing Guide - 

(If you have any queries regarding sizing please do not hesitate to get in touch)

Size Fleece Webbing
1 (20-25cm) 25mm 15mm
2 (25-30cm) 25mm 15mm
3 (30-35cm) 25mm 15mm
4 (35-40cm) 35mm 20mm
5 (40-45cm) 35mm 20mm
6 (45-50cm) 35mm 20mm
7 (50-55cm) 35mm 20mm
8 (55-60cm) 40mm 25mm
9 (60-65cm) 40mm 25mm
10 (65-70cm) 40mm 25mm
11 (75-80cm) 40mm 25mm
12 (80-85cm) 40mm 25mm