Scrumbles Softies - Salmon Dog Treats

Scrumbles Softies - Salmon Dog Treats

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Our Salmon Softies are the ultimutt natural dog training treats for fish-lovers. Gently baked to a soft bite, with extra goodies like linseeds and yucca to support healthy muscles, skin and coat. We use natural, human grade ingredients, avoid nasties, and add the gut-friendly prebiotic Slippery Elm. Lovingly handmade in the UK!

We recommend feeding 4-5 a day as a training treat.

Always supervise your dog with any treats and ensure fresh drinking water is available.

For all the dogs, 3 months+

Dog Training Treats Made Easy!

Our fish dog treats are the perfect reward for both your dog and puppy, packed with irresistible salmon! We gently bake them to a soft bite, making them easy to eat mid-training. Along with salmon, we use natural and human-grade ingredients chosen for their benefits and texture.

Soft Texture

Many dog treats can be tough on older or younger teeth, so we’ve gently baked our Softies to, yes you guessed it, a soft bite. Perfect for on the go puppy training.

Eco Friendly

Baked in carbon-neutral eco ovens and packed into 100% recyclable packaging to help minimise our dog’s footprints.

Digestive Health

Having dealt with our fair share of sensitive stomachs, we put gut health first. We add the prebiotic slippery elm and avoid common allergens like dairy, soya, and gluten, making this a naturally hypoallergenic dog treat. We know some pooches need to avoid poultry, so these make a great chicken free dog treat!

Low Cal Low Fat

A healthy dog training treat that’s easy on the waistline. Suitable for dogs with pancreatitis and those watching their weight = guilt-free snacking!

Ingredients -

Salmon 26%, Oat Flour, Gram Flour, Vegetable Glycerine, Pea Flour, Sweet Potato Flour, Vegetable Oil, Linseed, Slippery Elm 0.1%, Yucca Extract 0.1%

Analytical Info -



Fat Content


Crude Fibre


Inorganic Matter



275 Kcal/100g