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PowAir AutoMist Odour Diffuser

PowAir AutoMist Odour Diffuser

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The PowAir AutoMist Odour Diffuser disperses a steady, gentle mist of PowAir liquid (sold separately) into the air of your car to eliminate bad car smells and replace them with a natural, fresh scent created with essential oils. This vehicle odour neutraliser fits neatly into your cup holder and is also suitable for use in your home or workspace as an electronic odour remover.

* Please note - PowAir liquid sold separately 

The same size as a regular coffee cup! Fits in your vehicles cup holder perfectly.

USB powered, plug into your car, turn on and you are good to go.

Two settings of mist. Choose between constant and periodically.

Use with any PowAir liquid for best results, neutralising odours & giving you a great smelling car.

RGB Lighting on top of the diffuser. Choose between multi-coloured and single coloured.

Available in black or white


Product Name: AutoMist
Colour: White / Black
Rated Voltage: DC5V
Rated Current: 300MA
Rated Power: 1.5-2W
Tank Capacity: 300ml
Spray Quantity: 25-40ML/H
Continuous Spray Mode Time: Approx 4 hour
Intermittent Spray Mode Time: Approx 6 hours
Product Size: 69*69*152MM
Net Weight: 150G
Inspection: Qualified
Standards: GB 4706. 1-2005/GB 4706.48-2009

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