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Pipkin And Bella

Pipkin And Bella Clip Lead - Ombré Blueberry Surprise

Pipkin And Bella Clip Lead - Ombré Blueberry Surprise

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Pipkin And Bella Clip Lead: Ombre Blueberry Surprise.

The Pipkin and Bella Pet Boutique Blueberry Surprise Ombre lead is perfect for dogs and puppies ~ This cute rope lead is stunning! The pretty colours run from sea blue at the handle to baby blue then to cream. To top off the design this lead has a rose gold collar / harness clip and a rose gold hoop for attaching a poop bag holder.

Our rope leads are hand dyed with a natural dying process making it easy to match this lead with harnesses and collars due to its 3 colour range.

Designed in the UK by Pipkin and Bella.
How to Use: Clip to collar or harness.

Ingredients/Materials: 100% cotton. Rose gold metal O ring & clip.

Sizing: Length – 120cm. Width – 1.5cm.

Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry flat.

Important: Items should be checked on a regular basis for any wear & tear, if wear & tear is identified you should discontinue use for the safety of your pet.

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