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Pet Wiz Silicone Slow Feeder Bowl With Suction Base - Slate Grey

Pet Wiz Silicone Slow Feeder Bowl With Suction Base - Slate Grey

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Our silicone slow feeder bowl can slow down the fast eaters among the pack by 10x, with the playful puzzle design featuring ridges that make it harder for your dog to gulp down food. Slowing down their mealtimes benefits their digestion by helping them avoid issues like regurgitation, choking, and bloating, with the bowl lessening the amount of air that they take in.

The bowl is a fun, stimulating mealtime addition for your pets, acting as a puzzle for them trying to get their food, engaging your pooch and promoting development whilst also slowing down their eating. The suction pad featured on the bottom of the plate
helps to keep your pets bowl in place, trying to keep mealtime mess to a minimum.

Directions -

Wash before first use, and make sure the suction pad is clean and dry.

Put your pet’s food in the bowl and spread evenly between the grooves.

Place the bowl firmly on a hard surface, slightly pushing down for the suction pad to stick, and serve as normal.

Once your pet has finished, lift the bowl using the release tabs, and wash by hand or in the dishwasher.


Made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, our bowl is free from nasty plastics and BPA, ensuring it’s a safe option for your furry friend! Due to the flexible, silicone material the bowl is longer lasting than plastic, and safe to use with your pets as there is no need to worry about sharp edges.

Our bowl is 19.5cm wide, and 3cm tall, fitting up to 2.5 cups of dry, wet, or fresh food.

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