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Pet wiz

Pet Wiz Silicone Licking Mat - Red

Pet Wiz Silicone Licking Mat - Red

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Helping to alleviate stress and provide mental stimulation, with the repetitive licking action releasing endorphins providing a sense of safety and calm. When your pooch is feeling anxious about their environment, whether you have visitors or they are taking a bath, the mat can help alleviate this anxiety and provide some distraction and positive reinforcement.

The licking mat features a layer of suction pads on the bottom of the mat. This helps to keep the mat in place whilst your pet licks away!

The process of licking and working to extract food from the mat can engage a dog's senses and provide mental stimulation. Licking mats are also a good choice for your pets on restricted exercise, as they provide some mental stimulation which can help with boredom.

Put your dogs treat on the mat, and spread evenly across the shapes.

Place the mat on the floor, and let your pet lick away!

Once your pet has finished their treat, we would suggest to rinse the mat under warm soapy water, and pop into the dishwasher!

Always supervise your dog with any accessories 

Made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, our mat is free from nasty plastics and BPA, ensuring it’s a safe option for your furry friend!

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