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Pet Wiz Collapsible Silicone Bowl For Dogs - Blue

Pet Wiz Collapsible Silicone Bowl For Dogs - Blue

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Our collapsible bowl is a convenient, portable and environmentally friendly option to feed your four legged friends in the home or on-the-go. Made from a high quality silicone that is fully collapsible, safe and non-toxic for your pets, it is super portable
yet never compromising on quality.


Designed to be sturdy enough for larger dogs to use and to not collapse if it is bumped or knocked, but
light enough to take with you anywhere.

Our collapsible bowls are branded with our pet wiz logo on the bottom of the bowl, and are
offered in a range of bright and fun colours.

If you are seeking a bowl to take on your long hikes and travel adventures with your furry
friend, or a bowl that is easy to use, ours is the perfect choice for you. Its portable by nature with the bowl being lightweight, completely collapsible that will take up little space, and packaged with a matching coloured carabiner to secure the bowl on a belt, rucksack, or stroller to ensure easy accessibility when you are traveling together. Say goodbye to plastic bowls breaking and cracking, with our high quality, easy cleaning bowl.

* Sturdy enough for larger dogs, and light enough to be portable the bowl can be used on all dog breeds, and big enough to hold plenty of food or water.
* Easy to care for. You can put the bowl and the carabiner in the dishwasher for the easiest of cleans, or rinse the bowl with warm soapy water too.
* High quality silicone material. Our bowl is BPA free, and made from food grade silicone. An environmentally friendly option that won’t disappoint you, or your pooch!
* Collapsible and folding. Our bowl is completely collapsible and can be adjusted to your needs, by expanding it to its full capacity or half way.

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