Bark And Bake Tasty Tidbits

Bark And Bake Tasty Tidbits

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**Pre Order - Products arriving around 24th March**

A little taster pack of the Bark And Bake top 3 biscuits: Pawbons, Custard Creams and Dogestives. Each pack has one of each biscuit and is ideal to discover your pups favourite tidbit, or as a little gift to someone elses.



Pawbon: Gram flour, Ground carob, coconut oil, Dates, Almond Milk, Peanut butter.

Custard Cream: Gram flour, Cheddar Cheese, Coconut oil, Yoghurt, Almond milk, Turmeric.

Dogestive: Gram flour, Oat flour, Rice flour, Chicken, coconut oil, Yeast extract.

Allergens/ Nutritional Information

We care about your pups and want to produce the tastiest yet healthiest treat for them.

So all our treats are Gluten-free and where possible Grain-free. They are sweetened with natural sweetness from fruits and berries. We use medicinal ingredients such as Turmeric and Cinnamon to add colour and taste, all of which are Organic and Fairtrade. We use Organic meats and Veg, to ensure we give your pupsters the fullest flavour while reducing any harmful additives into their systems.

We use Natural Peanut Butter with no added sugars, as well as Organic Almonds.

The only dairy we use in our treats is Cheese and Yoghurt. We only use Almond Milk in our products.