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As you may know in addition to featuring dog-friendly reviews on Pudding And The PA, I was keen to share some cruelty-free products with you too (all with a footnote opinion from Plum Pudding of course)  Like many, I’m increasingly conscious of making purchases that are cruelty-free and thought you might want to hear about some products I’ve trialled and how I’ve got on with them.

First up, fake tan....

Now I’m a keen user of fake tan and over the years I must have tried most brands out there.  We all know a bit of a tan can make you feel SO much better so when I saw Skinny Tan were Cruelty-Free AND Vegan I was excited to receive two products to review.

    First up was the Skinny Tan Express Mousse, which Skinny Tan say will ‘Tan, Smooth And Firm In Just One Hour’ I have to say the express nature of this tan was what instantly won me over, especially if you have a last minute event to attend and want to go from pasty to presentable in no time.   

     The mousse glides on effortlessly and a medium tan develops in one hour or you can leave it on for 2-3 hours for a medium to dark tan or of course you can leave on overnight for the deepest tan. 

    My legs are whiter than white so finding a tan that actually makes any difference has always proved quite difficult! BUT when i applied two coats of the express mousse i got the perfect, natural bronzed finish.

    The second product I tried was the Skinny Tan, Tan & Tone Oil.  First of all I have to mention the smell, it was literally like a holiday in a bottle, simply gorgeous! The oil itself was light and easy to apply, instantly gave me a subtle glow and developed into a darker tan in 2 hours.

    Both of the tans mentioned their smoothing benefits which I can certainly vouch for, my skin felt super soft and smooth after application which was a big bonus as I’ve found some tans can be extremely drying.

     When trying a new tan some of the most important considerations for me are –

    Does it streak?

    Do I look orange?

    How does it smell?

    How does it fade?

    Both of the products got a thumbs up on all counts, there was no streaking in sight, I developed a bronzed but natural tan, they faded gradually without going patchy and both had a gorgeous fragrance.  I also love the fact that there are often amazing offers available on the Skinny Tan website and via their Facebook page perfect if you want to grab a bargain.

     ·         TOP TIPS - With any tanning products I would recommend exfoliating first and applying moisturiser to any dry bits like, knees, elbows and ankles.  Applying the tan using a mitt to prevent staining your hands and (as a personal preference) I always apply some hand cream to my hands after I’ve finished applying as I always find my hands tricky and the cream evens the colour.  Also, I find moisturising your skin everyday helps with the longevity of your tan too.

    Ps, Plum Pudding here, does anyone have a Mum or Dad that uses fake tan but when you snuggle them they smell like a giant, stale biscuit?! Well I love biscuits, but I don’t want to lie next to a stale one at night, I can confirm there was no funny smelling PA in sight when using Skinny Tan!  I just LOVE the fact it is cruelty-free too.

    I hope you enjoyed this blog and find it useful if you are looking for cruelty-free products.


    Lisa & Plum Pudding xxx

    *We were gifted these items but reviews given are 100% my personal opinion of the products trialled.


    • I’ve used some on my legs but I seem to sweat too much or my skin becomes too moist for it to properly work. Sucks, cos I too have whiter than white skin :(

    • Love your blog Plum Pudding xx

      Monica Garner

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