Animal Hero Awards 2018

Hello, Plum Pudding here!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and the PA.  Now we’ve had a chance to come down from cloud nine a little I thought I’d tell you about our AMAZING evening at the Animal Hero Awards earlier this month.

Ready for one of our favourite events of the year, how did I look?

The Animal Hero Awards is one of the highlights of our year as it’s always jam-packed with both inspirational animals and people. You can read more about the winners on the night here - Animal Hero Awards Winners 2018 Word of warning, you may need a tissue!

The evening is a glamourous affair so both myself and the PA had to be red carpet ready.  I opted for a silver glittery harness with a diamante neckline ( I can be ladylike sometimes you see)  and the PA wore a contrasting cobalt blue full-length dress.

Red carpet ready!

We were papped on the red carpet when we arrived, which as usual I was a pro at (the PA not so much) It’s all about the angles you see, just as well I’d been practising my best Cindy Pawford before the event!  Once inside the PA got to enjoy a champagne reception (my paws don’t touch the bubbly stuff!)

The PA enjoyed catching up with lots of familiar faces and of course I had cuddles from lots of people too!  The PA said I’m like a cuddle magnet, I just seem to hypnotise people with a flutter of my eyelashes, what can I say a girl has to use her charms!

With Lesley Nicol & Peter Egan 

Cuddles with the lovely Pete Wicks from TOWIE

With Pip Tomson, Billy, Bindi & Pete Wicks

Mesmerising the lovely John Cleese

Cuddles with Loose Women's Andrea Mclean

Cuddles with Vet On The Hill Scott Miller

After the champagne reception was over it was time to take our seats for dinner.  The PA said I was such a good girl, I acted very grown up and just sat on her lap, I didn’t once try to climb on the table (not at that point anyway) The food was yummy so the PA said, I wouldn’t know as she DID NOT SHARE ONE BIT!!! *Please insert suitably big sigh from me!*

Behaving like a lady with the PA

Cuddles with Dr Dawn Harper 

After dinner, the awards commenced.  As usual, the PA forgot her tissues (you’d think she would have learnt from previous years!) Pretty much from the start she was mopping up her tears with a serviette!  Although I have to admit listening to the stories of such bravery and compassion I guess I can’t be too hard on her.

Listening intently to all the amazing stories

Then something magical happened……We attended the evening as guests and thought we were just that until Nicky Campbell got on stage and started a speech about successful campaigns, although even then the penny didn’t drop for the PA (she's not the brightest!).  It wasn’t until Lucy’s face appeared on the big screen that she knew something was going on! 

Yes, you guessed it, the Lucy’s Law campaign named after big sister, Lucy, was being honoured.  Of course, this brought more tears for the PA as she had absolutely no idea it was going to happen!  The PA had to quickly pull herself together though as we had to go on stage to collect the award alongside Marc Abraham (Marc The Vet) who lead the campaign.  The PA (for once) was lost for words so couldn’t really say much, luckily Marc was on hand to give a heartfelt speech.  Our award was presented to us by Actor Jason Watkins and TV presenter and well-known dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell, who has been an on-going supporter of Lucy’s Law.  I would just like to point out at this point I was cool as a cucumber the whole time, I don’t get fazed by these things!

On stage with the PA, Nicky Campbell & Amanda Holden while Marc gave his speech

I always find the camera to look in to!

We then headed off for some press pictures and interviews which I think for the PA just went by in a bit of a blur! 

Although we went on stage to collect the award alongside Marc Abraham, both myself and Mummy are just a small part of the Lucy’s Law campaign.  The campaign has been a HUGE team effort and we are eternally grateful to every single person that tirelessly worked behind the scenes, signed the petition and supported via social media and continues to do so.

We also want to say a special thank you to the Animal Hero Awards for such an AMAZING night, we still can’t quite believe we didn't suspect a thing!

The PA was so proud of me!

The award! #LucysLaw

It was only a matter of time before I was partying on the table

That was until I was one pooped pup!

A big thank you to the Animal Hero Awards and Little Pip Photography for letting us use some of their pictures from such a special evening.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and looking through some of our pics from the night! 

I would love to know your thoughts about my blog post in the comments below.

Paw-hugs and kisses,

Plum Pudding xx


  • Sounds like you had a amazing time pudding and you was so well behaved, you said the PA forgot her tissues I had to have tissues reading this as it made me cry as the award was so well deserved love you so much pudding you never fail to make me smile every day ❤️🤗 xx

  • What a wonderful blog, Pudding. Thank you for bringing such a prestigious event to life for us. Congratulations to Mummy aka the PA, and to you for your excellent demeanour. Lots of love from Bobby, Gabyn and Digger xxxxx

    Bobby Hoyle
  • Well done Plum Pudding and PA that is such an incredible achievement and little Plum Lucy would be proud of you well I do believe her twinkle status brighter then ever. And let me say a big Thank you to your sisters lady and Annabelle who support you so much and stay at home while you are busy. Also thank you to cousin Minnie and as you and PA say so many people who help make all this possible.

  • Congratulations Plum and Lisa. You have both worked so hard to try and ensure that furbabies like your beloved Lucy do not have to suffer such horrible lives for no other reason than human greed.

    Pat Ellison
  • Well done you both looked beautiful keep up the good work xxx


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