5 Minutes With Plum Pudding

Hello, Plum Pudding here!

I thought I'd answer a few quick-fire questions from some of my lovely friends on Facebook, hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit better!

Grace asked me - 'What kind of beauty regime do you have to stay model perfect?'

Sometimes it's hard work to stay looking this good (and modest)! It often involves cow pat or sheep poo facials (or at least that's what I tell the PA) I'm sure they make my eyelashes grow hehe!  I get paw massages from the PA, we have early nights and I eat healthy food (and maybe the odd bit of cake along the way too, everything in moderation after all!) And I have regular grooming visits too to help keep these curls under control!

Karen asked me - 'Are you really as naughty as the PA says you are?!'

It depends what you call naughty?! I see things very differently to the PA!  For example, I see eating my sister's toenails when the PA clips them and they ping on the floor as 'helping' not being naughty! I mean it's one less thing for her to clean up, surely?! So that's a difficult question to answer, it depends on your perspective!

Heather asked me -'How old are you Plum Pudding'

I was 3 this month! I had a big cake and lots of presents.  Sometimes people still think I'm a puppy as I'm only small but the PA has to tell them I'm a big girl and what I lack in size I make up for in personality! 

Patricia asked me - 'What is your favourite thing to do?'

Hhhmm let me think about this one, I have lots of favourite things.  I adore my photo being taken, even if the PA just says the word 'picture' I'm there in a flash (excuse the pun)! The fact I earn commission in treats for me and my sisters is always a big motivator too!

Sharon asked me - 'Who is the most famous celebrity you have met?'

I've met (and cuddled) quite a few celebs, I mean who could resist this face, right?! I've met Ricky Gervais, Brian May, Sir Patrick Stewart to name just a few.  I even get asked for my picture now, I can do a great Blue Steel pose!

The PA asked me - 'If you had to choose your top 3 favourite treats on the website which would it be?'

Trust the PA to come up with a super tricky question....So my favourites (in no particular order as that is just too hard) are -

* The True Hemp range - https://puddingandthepa.com/search?q=true+hemp These are my go-to treats for training!

* The Pet Bakery Luxury Liver Brownies - https://puddingandthepa.com/search?q=pet+bakery They are yummy in my tummy.

* The Soopa Papaya Treats - https://puddingandthepa.com/search?q=soopa I just love these tropical healthy chews!

Wow, that was difficult, there are so many yummy treats available on the website!

Thank you for ALL your questions! So sorry I couldn't answer them all but my paws are aching from all this typing so I'm off to tell the PA it's time for a paw massage!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and learning a bit more about me!  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Paw-hugs and kisses,

Plum Pudding xx


  • That was fun to read Plum P. Keep it up and i hope your paw massage was up to scratch. xx

    Valerie massie
  • Your blog is terrific and you are such a clever girl. Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Mxx

    Michele Backman
  • Love your blog plum pudding. Hope we see this as a regular update on how you, the p.a. and your sisters are doing. keep up the good work 😍😍😉

    Fiona Dunlop
  • I loved reading your blog Pudding 💖..your an adorable girl and your personality shines !!!…I hope there will be another ‘5 minutes with Plum Pudding’ at some time….xx

    Kat Fenton
  • I loved your blog post Pudding, you are a very inspirational young lady and have a super sense of humour. I had my photo taken with you last year at Pupaid at my pet portrait stall and felt like I was the one with a celebrity. I have that photograph as my Avatar on fb. ❤


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